Uber passenger arrested during ride in Canton

A Detroit man was arrested accused of possessing weed and someone else's credit card - during an Uber ride.

Calling for a ride from Uber, the man ended up getting a ride to jail. Canton police say 25-year-old Darius Taylor earlier this month called for a ride to a friend's house.

The 70-year-old Uber driver picked Taylor up in a PT Cruiser but near Belleville Road and Michigan Avenue the night of April 6, Canton police stopped that car for having no headlights.

"The officer made contact did an investigation and found the passenger to be in possession of a stolen credit card," said Lt. Craig Wilsher, Canton police.

And that's not all; the officer got a strong whiff of marijuana. Canton police say they also caught Taylor with a digital scale, more pot, a bag of three brand new iPhones and several gift cards and another credit card.

FOX 2: "What did he say about the marijuana?"

"He said he smoked it, he utilized it for his back pain," Wilsher said.

FOX 2: "Does he have a medical marijuana card?"

"No," Wilsher said.

Telling police he bought the iPhones for family members and that a friend left their credit card in his car, Canton police say Taylor, who has traffic warrants, also has a suspended license.

"Every time you pull someone over in a traffic stop, you never know what you are going to encounter in that vehicle," said Wilsher.

Canton police say he's charged with possession of a stolen credit card which is a 4-year-felony and possession of marijuana a one-year misdemeanor.