UAW strike update: Union changes approach to adding members to picket lines

UAW President Shawn Fain will no longer wait until Friday to add more union members to the strike, he announced during an update.

"We’re entering a new phase of this fight, and it demands a new approach," he said.

Typically, Fain has used Friday morning updates to announce the addition of more UAW members to picket lines. Last week was the first Friday since the strike began on Sept. 15 that he did not call on more workers to strike. However, in a surprise move Wednesday, he called on 8,700 members at the Ford Kentucky Assembly Plant to join the picket line.

This will be the approach moving forward.


Ford calls strike expansion 'grossly irresponsible' after 8,700 join picket line

Ford Motor Co. called the UAW's decision to add 8,700 more members to the strike "grossly irresponsible" in a statement.

"We're done waiting until Fridays to escalate our strike," Fain said. "Today, we are not announcing an expansion of our strike, but we are prepared at any time to call on more Locals to stand up and walk out."

Fain said this change is because the automakers have been waiting until Friday mornings to make substantial changes to their offers because they know the announcement will be coming. 

"We changed the rules and now there's only one rule - pony up," he said.

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Last week, Fain said members were prepared to walk off the job at a GM facility in Arlington, Texas, but the automaker made a last-minute decision that prevented this from happening. 

GM saved itself from being the strike target by saying it would add its electric vehicle battery plants to the UAW master agreement.

Nearly 34,000 UAW members are currently on strike against Big Three automakers.

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