Two injured after SUV with young children inside strikes house in Northwest DC

Two people were injured after a car with two young boys inside rolled down a hill and into a house early Monday in Northwest D.C.

According to DC Police and neighbors, the incident happened at the top of Indian Rock where an SUV began to roll backward down the hill at around 8 a.m. As it began to roll, the owner of the car and the mother of the two boys inside ran after it, injuring herself along the way.

At some point, a 69-year-old neighbor walking her dog realized what was happening and tried to stop the car by jumping inside, but instead she was knocked to the ground. She was seriously injured.

Milo Lynch, a college freshman home on Spring Break, was asleep in the basement when the SUV struck the front of his house in the 4500 block of Q Street. He came out to see the two young boys who were in the car.

"One boy, probably about eight… the other boy, about six -- they were just traumatized as any child at that age would be going through what they did. They looked completely fine to me physically at least, but hopefully, they are not too scarred from this," said Lynch.

Lynch and others inside the home were not injured during the crash but there was quite a bit of damage to the home.

"A few things that were on the wall got thrown very far," said Lynch. "There are two people and three animals in my house and we are very lucky that no one was in that front room when it happened."

The driver of the SUV has been charged by police. The exact charge is unclear at this time.