Two Fort Worth teens arrested for dumping dead dog on Texas A&M practice field

Two teens from Fort Worth were among those arrested for dumping and displaying a dead dog on a Texas A&M practice field.

Police said the dog was found propped up on firewood in the middle of a practice field used by the school's band. The dog was dressed up in a baseball cap and had a coat hanger around its neck.

Atticus Johnson, Garret Kale and Sterling Hampe, all 18-years-old, were taken into custody. Johnson and Hampe are from Fort Worth.

Other students were left wondering why anyone would do something so sick.

"Bad prank. Poor taste," said one student. "I don't know what people were thinking, but it's obviously not the majority of A&M at all."

The three teens have been charged with illegal dumping. They avoided animal cruelty charges because they claim they got the dog's corpse off of the side of the road.