Trustee searching for customers to pick up belongings after bridal shop files for bankruptcy

A bridal shop in Old Town Alexandria left many brides without wedding dresses for their big day earlier this month.

4Everly After closed up shop after filing for bankruptcy and left many women reeling as some put down deposits paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for their gown or accessories.

Some brides have already gotten their dresses back, but the trustee in charge of helping customers get their belongings back from the bridal shop are now searching for the following people:

Kelsey Noland
Jessica Lacy
Tara Conte
Colleen Quinn
Elizabeth Gill
Lisa Paradis
Kathy O'Connell
Elizabeth Bowding
Sara Buffalo
Tiffany Covin
Dominique Covin
Valerie Sirra
Kim Anderson

The trustee says these customers have a week to contact them to pick up their items or else they will be abandoned because there is not a place to store these dresses indefinitely.

Customers can make arrangements to pick up their belongings by reaching out to Klinette H. Kindred at 703-842-0539. The bridal shop will also be open on Saturday, May 30 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for customers to pick up their purchases.