Trump suggests schools should open for a 'short period of time' before academic year ends

President Trump, in his Monday coronavirus press briefing, said he thinks it would be a “good idea” if schools open up, even for a “short period of time” before the end of the academic year.

"I think you'll see a lot of schools open up, even for a very short period of time,” Trump said. “I think it would be a good thing,” he said, adding that young people seem to fare relatively well with coronavirus.

Vice President Mike Pence said at the briefing that "every state" has the capability and resources to enter phase one of the White House reopening guidelines.

As states begin to phase in their plans to reopen the economy, none have begun to reopen schools, which is part of phase two of the White House guidelines for reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic. More than 30 states have said they will stay closed to in-person learning for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

Notably, none of the hardest-hit tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have announced plans to close schools for the rest of the academic year.

Georgia, Oklahoma and Alaska started loosening lockdown restrictions on businesses, though not schools, this past Friday, despite the White House’s recommendations for how soon states should get back up and running. Tennessee, Mississippi and Montana allowed some businesses to reopen Monday under new health guidelines.

Texas is set to allow some businesses to reopen Friday at a limited capacity. Many other states will allow elective surgeries and non-emergency medical procedures to begin again this week.

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