Trump plans to be buried on own golf course

By Charlie Gasparino

GOP presidential contender and real estate mogul Donald Trump wants to live in the White House but he's planning to be buried on a golf course--his own.

The flamboyant billionaire has received approval to build a private cemetery at the Trump National Golf Club, a swanky 36-hole course located in Bedminster, NJ, the Fox Business Network has learned. A spokesman for Trump Ed Russo confirmed the plans for the private cemetery after Fox Business received information from members who said that ground crews had been taking initial steps to build a mausoleum for Trump on the grounds of the club.

Russo, however, said there are no plans for a mausoleum, but confirmed that "Donald Trump has received approval from the township of Bedminster, the county of Somerset, and the state of New Jersey to build a private cemetery for him and his family."

In the past, Trump has said he wanted to be buried in Florida, and earlier in the year, he said he was thinking of making the Bedminster club his final resting place. But Russo added that the Trump family burial ground in Bedminster, "has been approved. I am confident that he wants his remains to be buried in Bedminster."

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