Tree falls onto house in Silver Spring

It was a close call for a Montgomery County family after a tree came crashing down onto their home. It appears whipping winds are to blame.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the family has been displaced from their home.

The tree fell down at around 8 p.m. on Woodley Avenue.

The large tree wiped out the guest bedroom of the home, but luckily no one inside the room.

The homeowner was downstairs when it happened and he said this massive tree has been a threat to his home for a while.

Chris Fisher said there were huge wind gusts outside of his home Monday night and he heard noises of branches falling. That led him to call 911.

While on the phone, the tree came crashing down and caught fire. Firefighters arrived and put the fire out quickly.

"It is basically like a sunroom on my second floor now," Fisher said. "It took out a whole left window and essentially the left corner of my house."

Fisher said the guest bedroom is an area of the home he normally would not have been in, but he still said he was lucky.

"But the office is underneath it and there is structural damage to my office, which I usually am in most of the time," he said.

Fisher hopes to have the tree removed on Tuesday, but he will have to find another place to stay for now.