Trash-filled encampments line New Jersey river

They are shocking images. The conditions under the Ackerman Avenue Bridge in Clifton, New Jersey can only be described as deplorable. Clifton is grappling with how and where to get the tent city dwellers there to move from the trash covered, parkland.

Wheeler Antabanez, a Passaic River expert, has been monitoring the situation. "It's nasty. It's not a place you want to bring your children on a Sunday to enjoy the pristine river," Antabanez says.

He shot video the migrant workers from Mexico and Latin America who live under the bridge.

"A lot of times people get intimidated when they see homeless people living in conditions like this but really they're just humans like everybody else," Antabanez

The area looks like a landfill with trash, empty beer bottles, and even broken furniture.

The city says it is trying to act in a sensitive manner and has handed out notices in English and Spanish telling warning that the encampment will be cleared out and to remove anything of value from that location.

It's just one of many spots along the river. Some of them have been there for years. There are concerns that the river is being polluted from the mess.

"Everytime you see a blue tarp, someone is living there," Antabanez says.