Tow truck car thieves strike again in DC

Tow truck car thieves are still at it in the District with police investigating another alleged case.

A man who lives in the Deanwood section of Northeast D.C. says his car was stolen by someone driving a tow truck around 9:30 a.m. on the 1000 block of 48th Street.

The owner, Billy McGlinn said the car was a 2011 Toyota Prius.

Tow trucks stealing cars in DC

McGlinn said he remembered news reporting about cars being stolen by tow trucks and was surprised police did not indicate this had happened before.

"They were helpful, they were professional. I think they did their job, but I don’t know if there was a connection made about some of the other thefts that have gone on in the region," McGlinn said. "I know there’s a lot of crime going on, but I think someone going around with a tow truck is pretty unique. It’s a pretty expensive piece of equipment, and it doesn’t just come out of nowhere. So we were wondering if there’s a connection with the other cases."

FOX 5 has spoken to several people who say this happened to them too, including a woman whose parents’ car was stolen from Southeast in December 2021, a woman whose Corvette was stolen from Georgetown in February, and most recently, a man whose brand-new hybrid Honda Accord was stolen at the end of August also in Southeast.

Thus far, D.C. police have not provided data on how many times this has happened recently. No arrests have been announced or suspects identified.

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According to police crime data, over 2,700 cars have been stolen in D.C. so far this year which is about the same as this time last year.