Photos and video: Multiple tornado warnings amid severe storms in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia

The National Weather Service announced tornado warnings for Frederick, Loudoun, Jefferson, and Washington counties on Monday evening.

While tornadoes have not been confirmed in any of the locations, images and video from the scenes display considerable damage. 

In Ranson, West Virginia, FOX 5's Josh Rosenthal sent in photos showing a building that had partially collapsed amid the storm.


A video recorded outside of Charles Town, W.V. showed significant rotation in the clouds, although the NWS has not confirmed a tornado in the area.

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In the event of a tornado, take shelter immediately if you are within the area of the warning.

If you are home, go to a low point in the house, such as the basement or storm cellar. Stay away from windows, doors, or exterior walls.

If you are in a car, avoid going under bridges or overpasses.

Watch out for flying debris, which can cause injury or death.