TOO BUSY OR TOO LAZY? On-demand delivery providing convenience for extra cost

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It seems just about anything can be delivered to your door these days. You can now add 7-Eleven stores to the list. The convenience store will soon deliver whatever you need to your door except their Slurpees.

A company spokesperson said the Slurpees are best when consumed immediately, which makes sense. But now, you can order items such as chicken wings, cold medicine and paper towels and get them delivered at your convenience.

The convenience store chain is just the latest to jump on the delivery bandwagon for those who want everything on-demand.

We want everything instantly these days or at least without moving from our chair. For an added fee, there are companies out there that will deliver groceries, a cooked meal or even alcohol to your home. If you need someone to come do your laundry, there is even an app for that.

Businesses are now moving into the millennial generation's world.

"I think we live in a world where people want work-life balance," said Jeff Fromm, a marketing expert with "At the same time, they are very time pressed, so if you can trade me something that makes it possible for me to have a little more balance and a little more time back, I'll give you a small premium for your products."

But are we really that time crunched or are we just too lazy to leave home to get it ourselves?

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