Threats of violence found written on walls of Woodbridge High School

Police and school officials in Prince William County are investigating two threats of violence this week at Woodbridge High School.

Classes went on as normal at the school on Friday, but what has been going this week is not normal. At issue are threats of gun violence that someone has been scrolling across a school wall.

The first threat was found read: "1/4/16-1/8/16 THE SCHOOL WILL BE SHOT."

Prince William County Public Schools contacted police who investigated and determined the threat was not credible.

But then it happened again. In a Facebook post Thursday night, school officials announced that a second threat was also written on a wall and threatened violence on a specific date next week.

Police and PWCS security are investigating yet another case of a message written on a Woodbridge High School wall...

As a precaution, Prince William County police had an increased presence at the school on Friday. School officials said they take the incidents very seriously, but decided to go ahead and open schools as normal.

"I'm really concerned and I work here also," said one Woodbridge High School parent. "My daughter, she's in here, but she didn't come today because she's really scared. She didn't want to come today. She's uncomfortable."

"We take any situation where there is a threat made against a school extremely seriously and we work very, very closely with police to investigate the situation and determine if there is any actual threat," said Prince William County Public Schools spokesperson Phil Kavits.

If the person or persons behind these messages think this is a joke, Prince William County school officials said they are not laughing. In fact, if they are able to figure out who is behind these threatening messages, they intend to press charges.