Thieves steal Christmas toys from Atlanta organization

Thieves broke into the offices of Focused Community Strategies on Jonesboro Road in South Atlanta Sunday night and stole dozens of donated Christmas toys.

FCS collects the toys for its annual holiday program Pride for Parents Christmas Store.

FCS President Jim Wehner told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes, "Pride for Parents is not a traditional toy giveaway. It's a program we've served in for over 16 years, and we think there is dignity in equal exchange. We make them affordable but we want parents to be able to choose what they're getting for their children, to have the joy of giving."

Parents can purchase the toys at a discount. Those who can't afford to pay for the gifts, can work at the store to earn money to pay for presents.

Local churches who partner with FCS to help fill store shelves are working with the organization to help collect more toys.

"This sort of thing makes the heart really ask what in the world why would somebody take those toys at the same time we are really excited to have others get involved and see what we are about," said Wehner.

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