Therapy dogs at Dulles International Airport melts holiday stress away through 'United Paws' program

Traveling during the holiday season can be "ruff" but United Paws is here to help melt your worries away with therapy dogs.

The holiday season's busiest travel day kicked off in the D.C. area Thursday morning with crowds of travelers jamming local roads, rails and airports.

But on the "paw-sitive side," United Airlines is helping to ease some of that tension by enlisting help from some of the floofiest four-legged friends out there! They're on a mission to reduce anxiety and spread holiday cheer.

FOX 5's Anjali Hemphill spotted some of the trained pups waiting outside United Airlines' gates at Dulles International Airport.

While some are disguised as reindeer, like the good dog above, be sure to keep an eye out for the blue bandana wearing pooches.

And if you're a good human, they'll even do tricks for you like the doggo in this video.