The Vice President's Plane: An exclusive look inside Air Force Two

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When you think about Joint Base Andrews you think of the biggest cargo planes and fastest fighter jets. But some planes are synonymous with the base. This is Air Force Two!

FOX 5's Steve Chenevey was lucky enough to get a rare look inside one of the most famous planes in the world.

Major Chris Langley met Steve for the tour. While it's only designated Air Force Two when the Vice President is on board - they walked the same steps the two most powerful leaders in the world walk when they board and exit the plane.

Major Langley told Steve that on full auto-pilot, the plane can land itself and stop itself if needed.

Behind the cockpit, just past the secret communication center, are the Vice President's private quarters. It is furnished with a desk, world map, sleeper sofa if needed and super comfy chairs! With restrooms, storage and multiple TVs, it's an efficiency White House in the sky.

"They're a flying office, a flying Senate, a flying White House, a flying Pentagon," Major Langley said. Staff sergeant Kimberly Lewis said it's mind-blowing to know executive decisions are being made right in front of her.

Also a part of the fleet are smaller modified jets that are used for cabinet member, congressional leader or high ranking military official.

But no matter who is on board the mission of providing safe travel to our nation's leaders is the same!


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