‘The Office’ cast reunites to recreate ‘wedding dance’ for Maryland couple’s virtual nuptials

“The Office” fans, rejoice! The cast of the popular show reunited (virtually) and recreated the iconic wedding dance scene in season six and it is perfect.

John Krasinski, 40, who played Jim Halpert, started a YouTube show called “Some Good News” amid the COVID-19 pandemic where he highlights all the happy news of the week.

The most recent episode was an especially fun treat. During the show, Krasinski had guests, Susan and John, speak about their engagement and how the pair would have to hold their wedding virtually because of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Krasinski said that theirs was one of his favorite love stories because Susan and John’s proposal looked oddly similar to the proposal “The Office” characters Jim and Pam had in season five.

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Susan and John shared what spurred their “The Office”-style proposal:

“So I knew that the proposal needed to be something really special,” John said. “But also something really unique and ‘The Office’ has been something that has connected the two of us for a very, very long time. So, it just felt right.”

Krasinski then surprised the couple with another treat: He volunteered to be the officiant at their virtual wedding.

“I am able to attend, but, only if we do it right now,” Kransinski said. “You think I’m kidding but I just got ordained as a minister for you guys and I’m sure you’re wondering to yourself, ‘What do we need for this?’”

After Krasinski’s unexpected announcement, a slew of screens popped up on the video chat as Krasinski brought in the couple’s family members to attend the impromptu virtual wedding.

As if that surprise were not enough, Pam (Jenna Fischer) appeared on the screen to also attend the special event, along with the lead singer from the Zac Brown Band, Zac Brown, who serenaded the soon-to-be married couple with a brand new song he had written just in time for the special occasion.

The couple were then officially married and Fischer had some parting words for the newlyweds:

“Here’s all I’m going to say: One day, your kids are going to assume that their parents are soulmates. And in your case, they will be right,” she concludes. “Congratulations you guys.”

Krasinski then had one last surprise for the couple.

“I don’t even know where to go from here. That’s a lie. I do,” Krasinski joked. “And guys, there’s only one way out of this wedding.”

The entire cast of “The Office” then appeared simultaneously on the screen and recreated the iconic “wedding dance” that fans of the show will certainly remember.

“Congratulations,” Krasinski concluded at the end of the dance. “Yes! Thank you so much for being a part of this. You’re not only good sports and a beautiful couple, but you also represent all of the beautiful couples in the world who are going who are going through the exact same thing, so we here at SGN are here for you, and we’re here for them.”