Teens competing in fashion show using all material, fabric from Goodwill

A group of teenagers in Colorado are designing their own clothes and competing in a fashion show. But for these students, their challenge is to create their designs using material all found in Goodwill.

Haute couture isn't stitched in a day. The early stages of fashion design require a vision and Jackie Rodriguez is up for the challenge.

"Our challenge is to modernize a decade in the history, so I got the 1920s," said Rodriguez.

She is one of 13 teenagers competing in the Goodwill fashion show and she has experience under her belt after she finished in third place last year.

"I feel like this year is your year, but you have to make it happen," fashion designer Mondo Guerra tells Rodriguez. "So that means you have to give 140 percent. Say last year you gave 100 percent. This year, you have to give 140 if you really want to win this year."

She is receiving positive feedback and advice from one of Denver`s most famous designers and the winner of the "Project Runway: All-Stars" reality show.

"I've seen your work and I know what you are capable of," he said.

Jackie is ready to make it work.

"What better place to find vintage looks than a thrift shop," said Rodriguez.

The fashion show benefits career development programs run by Goodwill.

"I just feel proud to be a part of this fashion show," said Rodriguez. "Just to know that I am doing more than designing. Yeah, it's for myself and it's what I want to do it, but I think there is much more to it than just designing."

Her vintage vision is almost runway ready and come showtime, her model will wear her outfit and she plans to wear a bold statement piece of her own: confidence.

"I'm just really prepared for it," she said. "Whether I come out as the No. 1 winner or not, just the experience itself has been really great. And I think it's more about the experience than actually winning."