Teen uses trampoline to rescue neighbors trapped in fire: ‘My mind was in panic’

A teenager is being hailed as a hero for his quick thinking after using a trampoline to rescue pets, children and adults trapped in a house fire. 

Bentleyville Fire-Rescue in Pennsylvania said the blaze broke out early Tuesday morning at an apartment complex. 

Falon O’Regan, 17, said he was just about to go to sleep when he noticed something wasn’t right. 

"I had just laid down and I saw orange in my door," he told FOX Television Stations. "So I walked over to the door... opened it and as soon I as opened it, I was just engulfed in flames that were on my porch."

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Falon O'Regan used a trampoline to rescue his neighbors from an apartment fire.  (Bentleyville Fire-Rescue)

O’Regan said he grabbed his personal items, went to the bottom floor, kicked out a window and jumped.

The teenager said once he was outside, he knew other families were still inside and started to yell that there was a fire. He then helped a few other people get out of the house. 

A neighbor then suggested to O’Regan to use a blanket to catch people who had to jump out the window.

But O’Regan suggested the neighbor use his trampoline on the side of the house. 

"I started yanking it... he [the neighbor] ran over and started pulling with me," O’Regan said. "The trampoline was just a quick idea because it was the most reasonable thing we had besides the ground."

The teenager said two dogs, two children and two adults were able to jump out of the window and onto the trampoline to escape the flames. 

"My mind was in panic. I didn’t know what I was thinking," he continued. 

Several people are crediting O’Regan for his heroic actions.

"I’m overwhelmed because of it," he continued. "There’s no other words to explain it."

Fire officials have not yet revealed what caused the fire. They said that 12 adults and six kids were displaced as a result of the blaze and were being helped by the Red Cross.

O’Regan said the house is now unlivable and he’s now staying at a hotel with his family. He set up a GoFundMe page to help with expenses. 

He also encourages others to help when they see others in distress. 

"Do the same thing," he said. "Help out anybody that can help you, that’s all."

Bentleyville is located about 30 miles south of Pittsburgh.

FOX News contributed to this story. This story was reported from Los Angeles.