Teen sentenced to 10-20 years for plotting to kill her adoptive family

A judge sentenced a teenager to 10-20 years behind bars Monday morning for a 2014 plot to kill her adoptive family that left one of her siblings wounded.

The judge handed down the sentence to 17-year-old Roksana Sikorski, despite a plea from Roksana's adoptive mother for leniency.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy says Roksana and her then-boyfriend, Michael Rivera, were planning to kill her family members and run away together. Rivera is alleged to have been outside Roksana's house in Plymouth Township sending text messages with instruction and pictures, directing Roksana while she was inside.

It was alleged that Sikorski took a knife and stabbed her 12-year-old brother and attempted to stab her younger sister. She then fled the scene with Rivera.

Roksana earlier pleaded guilty to assault with intent to murder.

Monday in court at her sentencing hearing, Roksana's mother took the stand to defend her daughter, saying Roksana was misled and used by an older man. She said she does not want her to go to jail but rather wants her to be treated and allowed to return home and finish school.

"She will miss her high school prom, her graduation, her friends and her family. She is in desperate need of continued psychological help. She is trying to be positive and not lose hope," her mother, Laurene Sikorski, said.

Roksana also took the stand to apologize to her family for the pain she's caused them.

"I would like to apologize to my family for not being the daughter they wished I would be, and I promise that I will get better no matter what happens," Roksana said.

Skiorski was given credit for 528 days already served. She will also undergo extensive psychiatric testing and treatment.

In August, Rivera, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.