Teen says she was knocked out after security guard slammed her head into chair at Maryland mall

A teenager said she was injured after being knocked out by a mall security guard at The Mall at Prince Georges in Hyattsville.

Briana Commodore, a sophomore student at Northwestern High School, said she was hanging out at the mall with her sisters when she saw another group of teenagers bullying a girl. The 15-year-old girl and her younger sister said they stepped in and then a brawl broke out.

Commodore does not deny she was involved in the altercation inside the mall after school. However, once security got involved, things got even worse.

"I blacked out," Commodore said. "I can't remember anything."

She suffered injuries and a concussion at the hands of a mall security guard.

"He picked her up by her neck, slammed her face down and then she was unconscious," said Diane Bartley, the teenager's mother.

The situation was so violent that several people captured the ordeal on cellphone video, which shows Commodore already being restrained with handcuffs.

"I don't want to be put in handcuffs," said Commodore. "It didn't feel right. I was just trying to take myself out. I didn't hit the security guard or nothing."

Her head slammed so hard against a chair that she was passed out cold on the floor of the food court. According to her sister, she was knocked out for about four to five minutes.

Commodore's older sister received word of the situation and when she showed up, she was also placed in handcuffs.

"It was not the right way they handled it," said Bartley. "It was unprofessional. They did not handle it the proper way."

This mother is now looking for answers from Allied Universal Security, which refused to answer her questions and denied FOX 5's request for comment.

"The security officer that slammed her - of course I want justice to be served," she said. "I want him to be arrested for assaulting her."

Hyattsville police said there is an ongoing investigation to determine if the security guard committed a crime. No arrests have been made.