Teen girl born is US says parents never registered her as citizen

A teenage girl - born in America - says she lacks the rights granted to American citizens because her parents never legally registered her.

19-year-old Alecia Pennington says that after her birth in the family home, her parents failed to obtain a birth certificate or social security card for her.

She claims her parents home-schooled her and never sent her to the hospital.

She says that because of this type of upbringing, she is now faced with the struggle of trying to prove her identity.

In a video posted on YouTube, she says she is unable to obtain a driver's license, attend college, open a bank account, or vote.

According to an online report on the Daily Mail, Alecia's mother disputes her daughter's claims.

SEE THE FULL VIDEO HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPtpKNyaO0U

Pennington blog page: http://thepenningtonpoint.com/

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