Teachers, parents protest proposed cuts to Montgomery County Public Schools budget

Montgomery County teachers and parents rallied against proposed budget cuts Monday in downtown Silver Spring.

"We have been pleading with elected leaders, give us what we need to do our jobs," said Montgomery County Education Association President Jennifer Martin.

At issue is a roughly $30 million deficit in next year’s Montgomery County Public Schools budget. 

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The fear is it could lead to issues, including class size increases, reduced staffing, program cuts, and more.

"I recognize that there has been a lot of concern about mismanagement in MCPS," Martin continued, "but what is happening this year is that those concerns are leading to a shortchanging of our school system’s funding and that lands on the backs of staff and students on the front lines."


Concerns grow over proposed MCPS budget cuts, including reductions to program for kids with autism

Some proposed budget cuts for Montgomery County Public Schools have parents concerned.

County Council President Andrew Friedson echoed those concerns, noting Monday that the school board has had money for pricey legal fees and settlements.

"I want to be clear; this is a management issue. It’s not a fiscal issue," Friedson explained. "Our residents deserve better, our students certainly deserve better, and our educators and staff deserve better."

When asked for comment, an MCPS spokesperson emailed FOX 5 this letter, sent to staff Monday afternoon. 

It said, due in part to "resignations and retirements, it is likely that no currently employed teachers will face a job loss," despite earlier concerns. 


Parents, students protest MCPS virtual learning program closure

Protestors hosted a "sit-in" Monday morning outside of Montgomery County offices in protest of online school being shut down.

The letter also noted that "there will not be a [class size] increase in every classroom," and that "other local school jurisdictions in Maryland" are increasing class sizes too.

"Start writing letters, pay attention," MCPS teacher Theresa Cleary urged parents while marching in downtown Silver Spring. "Because this wouldn’t be an issue if the management of MCPS had managed their funding all along."

The Montgomery County Board of Education meets Tuesday and is expected to approve the budget.