Taxes you would pay under each presidential candidate

Let's talk taxes. Sometimes they go up. Sometimes down. But if you really want to know what you'd be dealing with once November 8 rolls around [aka election day, don't forget], check out this tax calculator.

The Tax Policy Center and Vox have created a system that will allow you to plug in your annual income as a single or couple and mark whether or not you have dependents.

Then boom! You have the results of taxes you would owe under each presidential candidate's tax plan. You may owe less under some. Perhaps pay considerably more. Either way, it's pretty interesting to see it in "action." It will make you think...even think twice...about the candidate for whom you plan on voting.

Example: the photo above is what you can expect to pay, tax-wise, if you're single, making $50,000, without dependents. Shocker?

Check it out to see where you would stand under Sanders, Trump, Clinton, and Cruz. Click the image below to calculate: