Tampa police: someone threw puppy in garbage

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Tampa police are trying to figure out who would throw away at least one puppy, which was found in a plastic bag in a recycling bin.

Police say someone called 911 to report that there were dogs thrown away in the garbage can on N. 10th St. in Tampa Monday. When officers arrived, they saw a mother dog on top of a recycle bin, looking like she was trying to pull a puppy out.

Officers pulled the puppy out of the garbage and the plastic bag, and is expected to be OK. He was the runt of the litter, at about 4 pounds.

Police said three more puppies, which were female, were found underneath a nearby shed. All of the puppies were alive.

Tampa Police Spokeswoman Andrea Davis said it wasn't clear whether the mom pulled all the puppies out of the trash can and brought them to the shed, or if only one puppy was thrown out. "Either way, it looks like someone threw away at least one puppy and mom dog was in the garbage can trying to get that puppy out," Davis said.

"Who would throw away a puppy or puppies? Obviously that's someone we would want to find," she said.

Officers interviewed several neighbors about what happened and seemed to focus on a subject who appears to live at the address where the dogs were found.

Neighbors like Remecia Hardy were appalled to see the young dogs thrown away like trash.

"I think that's very bad because they got life too," Hardy said.

Police are still investigating. No arrests have been made at this point.

The puppies are too young to be adopted out. They will be at animal services until they are old enough to find new homes.