Surveillance video shows Petworth café being broken into, ransacked

Surveillance video shows a Petworth café was ransacked early Tuesday morning.

Heat Da Spot Café, located at 3213 Georgia Ave NW, says the suspects stole a safe and broke into the register. They say windows were smashed, furniture was out of place and personal sentimental items were missing.

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"We were truly devastated not by the material we lost but by the insensitive act that happened. It’s hard to comprehend the mindset of folks like this targeting& destroying hard working people’s livelihood and thinking it will fulfill their lives," Heat Da Spot wrote on Instagram.

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Heat Da Spot shared surveillance video of the break-in.

The incident comes just one day before DC Mayor Muriel Bowser held a public safety walk in Petworth.

The neighborhood has seen a recent uptick in crime with a stabbing inside the Petworth Library on Thursday and a shooting on Kennedy Street three days later.


Homeless man stabbed to death inside Petworth Library: police

A 45-year-old man was stabbed to death inside the Petworth Neighborhood Library Thursday evening, and police have a suspect in custody.