Surveillance video shows bicyclist knocking down and robbing disabled man in San Jose

Police in San Jose are looking for a bicyclist they say assaulted and robbed a disabled man.

The incident, which was caught on surveillance video in September, shows the bicyclist knocking over the man who was walking with the aid of a cane.

After the accident, the bicyclist circled back and helped him to his feet. When the victim, who has a speech disability, took his cell phone out to communicate with the bicyclist, he put the device in his pocket.

When the disabled man tried to get his cell phone back, the bicyclist pulled a handgun and assaulted him - kicking him to the ground. The bicyclist then fled the scene.

The bicyclist is described as a black male, between sixteen and twenty five years old, with a thin build. He was wearing a dark beanie cap, a dark shirt, sweat pants and dark colored shoes and riding a red mountain bike.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 408-277-8900.