Surveillance video released in gun store smash and grab

Holly Springs police have released video of the latest smash and grab at a gun store and shooting range. Crooks hit the store before dawn Wednesday morning.

The surveillance video shows three people jumping out of a pickup in the parking lot of the Hi-Caliber Firearms and Shooting Range. The three are seen running toward the building at the same time as a Dodge Durango is seen backing up. When Detectives arrived, they found the SUV partially inside the store. Investigators said the thieves got away with guns, but they aren't saying what kind or how many.

This is the third time in 9 months Hi-Caliber Firearms has been hit by crooks. Police said after each break-in, the owner adds security.

"Seems like the owner is doing as much as he can to protect his business," said Holly Springs Detective Greg Bettis.

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Yet, it hasn't been enough to stop the stealing.

Customer Joe Kugler said it's a shame, but he's not surprised.

"Guns are things that if you can't legally buy them you're going to steal them," said Kugler.

Police have not made any arrests in this case. Investigators are working with officers in other jurisdictions and the ATF to see if this case is related to any others in the area.

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