SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Police swarm parking lot to arrest Maryland shooting suspect Eulalio Tordil

A surveillance camera in the Aspen Hill shopping center where Eulalio Tordil was arrested Friday showed the murder suspect strolling to his car after lunch at a Boston Market restaurant and being almost immediately swarmed by police.

Tordil is accused of murdering his estranged wife and shooting a man who tried to help her on Thursday. Then on Friday, he is alleged of shooting three people at Westfield Montgomery Mall - one fatally - and killing a woman outside a Giant grocery store in Aspen Hill in another incident over a half hour later.

Tordil was apprehended at the shopping center across the street from the grocery store.

The surveillance video showed Tordil, leftover bag in hand, getting in his car and then two unmarked police cars speeding toward him and slamming into his vehicle. More officers arrived and jumped out of their vehicles, some with guns drawn. It didn't take long to get the suspect in custody with no shots fired. (WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO ABOVE)

Shoppers were startled by the scene, with one man ducking for cover by his car before running away.

"The fact no shot was fired is fantastic," said Bruce Lee, president and CEO of Lee Development Group, which owns the shopping center and provided the video to FOX 5. "Because clearly this man was armed and dangerous and very arrogant."

Lee said what happened Friday was all too familiar to him. This shopping center where Tordil was arrested is where the D.C. Beltway snipers started their shooting spree in 2002, firing a shot into the Michaels craft store. They also ate at the same Boston Market restaurant.

"What we learned later, after they caught the sniper, is the car was approximately parked in this vicinity here," Lee said, pointing to the same area where Tordil was parked and arrested.

Lee said he is thankful there were no additional deaths or injuries as police arrested such a dangerous man.

"It was very, very well executed," Lee said. "And this is where our [Montgomery County] police department really shines at their best. We're really proud of them and we're proud to support them."

Watch Lee's full interview below: