Surprising percentage of young Americans say they've never seen a cow in person, according to survey

A new study that polled young Americans on travel and adventure also drew a surprising statistic, with a shocking number claiming they’ve never seen a cow in person.

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RV travel site Parked in Paradise recently revealed the results from its survey, which asked 3,500 Americans between the ages of 11 and 24 about their travel experiences so far.

According to the report, 42% of participants said they’ve never left the U.S., while 15% said they’ve never been outside of the state where they were born. But wanderlust abounded among those polled, with 88% agreeing that they would love to travel more if the opportunities were available.

Though the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 has largely restricted international movement for the foreseeable future, the study suggests that young Americans should perhaps add a more attainable goal to their bucket list, and make their way to a farm or petting zoo: A whole third (33%) added that they've never seen a cow in person.