Surfer captures drone footage of sharks gathering in shallow water at New Smyrna Beach

They don't call New Smyrna Beach the shark attack capital of the world for nothing! 

Drone video taken by resident surfer Jeremy Johnston, 33, shows what can only be described as a shark frenzy happening at an inlet in ankle-deep water at the beach this week.

"Yesterday I stood on the beach for 20 minutes scared to paddle out solo, then only surfed for 10 minutes...This was shot today and these locals are swimming in ankle-deep water," Johnston wrote on Instagram.

Johnston tells FOX 35 News that he grabbed his drone and saw what he estimated to be around 20-50 sharks in the school!

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"Maybe 100...they wouldn't all fit in the drone video," he said.

"And now you can see why I've been so spooked paddling out alone!"

His video has been viewed over 10,000 times on Instagram.

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According to the Orlando Sentinel, "the Volusia County beach is known as the Shark Bite Capital of the World with numbers supporting that claim from the International Shark Attack File, hosted by the University of Florida."

There have reportedly been 312 recorded attacks in Volusia since 1882. Nine of those attacks happened in 2019.