Students at UMD hold ‘Trump Sexual Violence' protest

Students at the University of Maryland held a Trump Sexual Violence rally Friday to protest him becoming president.

More than a hundred students attended the protest. Victims of sexual assault were among those speaking out against trump and asking the University of Maryland to do more to protect victims.

They feel that the country's president elect normalizes sexual violence. They are upset he won the election despite being accused of sexual assault by multiple women, and the fact that he admitted to some of those acts on the access Hollywood tapes.

"This is a man who makes light of sexual assault. He validates the victim blaming culture that permeates our society. He partakes in the blatant and misogynistic objectification of women," said Molly Higgins, a UMD junior.

Students say in light of Trump being elected president, more needs to be done by the university when it comes to prevention and education about sexual violence. Students are asking for things like in person training about consent for all new freshmen, and a speedier investigation process when sexual violence is reported.

"Since Trump's been elected, we know a lot about his history of sexual assault, things that he's said, and it's been really triggering for a lot of people. And it started the conversation about sexual assault on campus, and our policies," another University of Maryland junior, Tara McCurry said.

After marching to the administration building Friday, students also delivered a letter to Wallace Loh, the university's president.

The university released a statement saying they are committed to creating a learning and working environment free of sexual violence.

A couple of weeks ago UMD also announced the university is adding funding and personnel to the office that investigates sexual violence on campus.