Student shoots himself at Kimball High School in Dallas

A student was taken to the hospital Monday morning after shooting himself at Kimball High School in Dallas.

Dallas ISD said the student "inadvertently shot himself with a single-shot revolver at the end of first period." He went to the hospital by ground ambulance with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police said the 15-year-old who accidentally shot himself did not go through metal detectors because he arrived after the school day was in session and the machines were unmanned.

A brief lock down was placed at the school after the shooting. Several nervous parents rushed to the school to pick up their kids.

"She just said, 'Mom, I'm in the gym. I'm hiding. I'm scared but I'm safe,'" said parent Eva Alejandro.

Alejandro says her daughter is autistic. She told her mom during the chaos, she and other students went to designated 'safe places' on campus.

In a statement, the school district said:

"The student arrived at school today with this (gun) for an unplanned conference with school administrators. Because of the circumstance, the procedures for the metal detectors was not applied. The incident is under investigation."

It has prompted more questions surrounding the use of the school's metal detectors.

"I want to know why don't we have anybody to guard the metal detectors at all times," said parent Lashell Booker. "I understand that it was a parent conference. It was after hours, after the kids got into school, but this needs to happen all the time."

"The metal detectors are monitored differently after school starts," said Chief Craig Miller with the Dallas ISD Police Department. "The student in this incident came into the school with his parent for the meeting and it wasn't observed at that point."

Both the Dallas and Dallas ISD police departments are investigating.