Stolen 7-year-old DC girl's dog returned home to family

It was a happy ending for a 7-year-old D.C. girl after her dog was stolen from her family's yard just days before Christmas.

Reagan Turner said her labradoodle named Biscuit was taken by a man at around 1 p.m. Wednesday at their home on 32nd Street in Southeast D.C. About eight hours later, Biscuit was returned home to the family by two strangers who told them that they found the dog on Pennsylvania Avenue.

"Biscuit is my best, best, best friend," said Reagan. "He was the only one who could understand me. Not like my parents couldn't, but he was always on my side. The reason we named him biscuit because he looks like a biscuit."

Reagan received Biscuit as a puppy for Christmas two years ago. However, the young girl was without her best friend for a little while after the family's home security camera caught a man in a dark coat and hat approaching Biscuit in the backyard. The dog came up to the suspect because he thought he was trying to play, according to Reagan.

On the surveillance video, Biscuit was seen following the man along the fence to the family's front yard. The suspect then goes to the front gate of the fence and opens it, leaving it ajar. The man continued walking on the sidewalk and after nearly 10 seconds, Biscuit left the yard through the gate and followed after the suspect.

Biscuit's disappearance led to the trending hashtag #FindBiscuit on Twitter and caught the attention of D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and the D.C. Police Department as they helped spread the word to bring Biscuit home.

Reagan thanked everyone for sharing photos and video of Biscuit while he was missing.

"I was so happy and relieved that he's back," said Reagan.

Her family told FOX 5 that the people who found Biscuit did not appear to look like the man seen in the surveillance video. If anyone does recognize the man in the video who is believed to have taken Biscuit, they are asked to contact D.C. police.