Steve Carell and Robert Zemeckis discuss new film 'Welcome to Marwen' with Kevin McCarthy

"Welcome to Marwen" is based on the true story of photographer Mark Hogancamp, whose life came to a halt when he was brutally beaten, but then created a world of dolls to help himself recover.

Actor Steve Carell stars as the hero in this story, and Robert Zemeckis continues his passion for realistic computer animation as a director. Kevin had the chance to sit down with Carell and Zemeckis, talking about taking the emotional aspects of the film to heart.

As the victim of trauma, Carell's character Mark has a lot to overcome. Carell spoke on how he was able to portray the emotional aspects of the film, taking the loss of his mom to heart.

"My mom died a couple of years ago. You know, I was sad, and so I think those are the types of films that I was just sort of drawn to. I didn't really feel like doing something super light hearted. That was -- not like I was crying every day but I think that sort of settled inside of me," said Carell.

"You just sort of go with whatever you're feeling internally," he said.

"Marwen" director Robert Zemeckis also touched on the film's emotional journey.

"I was attracted to this story because I love the idea of the healing power of art. I was able to identify with that. I think that's a universal theme. And I think everyone has an artistic outlet in their life and I think we use that to try to make sense of these very complicated emotions that we feel," he said.

Kevin also asked Zemeckis about what went into creating a scene in "Marwen" that references one of his own films, "Back to the Future," and which "Back to the Future" film is Steve Carell's favorite?

"Welcome to Marwen" opens in theater Friday.

Watch Kevin's interviews with Steve Carell and Robert Zemeckis in the video player above.

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