Springbrook High School principal apologizes for comment about cheerleaders' step dance routine

The principal of Springbrook High School in Montgomery County is under fire for allegedly telling his cheerleading squad that their step dance routine during a basketball game against a rival school was "too ghetto."

According to reports, Dr. Art Williams, the principal at the Silver Spring school was approached by the principal of Paint Branch High School last week during a basketball game and discussed the cheerleaders' routine with that comment. It is a message Williams then relayed to his cheerleaders and it has not sat well with the students as the squad has refused to cheer since last week.

Step routines are plastered throughout the official social media page of the Springbrook Devils cheer team. However, the controversial remarks did not stop at calling the team's moves "ghetto." When the cheerleading squad made their case stating they took inspiration from historically black colleges and universities, Springbrook's athletic director allegedly said HBCU culture had no place in Montgomery County Public Schools.

"That's like saying there is no room in Montgomery County for black people and their culture," one Springbrook student said. "That's racist."

A fellow student said of the step routines, "I think they are very awesome and they hype the audience up, gets everyone moving."

"They try to stay away from all the sexual dancing and everything, so I don't know why it is being called ghetto," said another student.

This week, Springbrook's principal wrote an open apology directed at the cheerleaders saying:

Montgomery County Public Schools said Dr. Williams will be meeting with parents and students to address concerns.

It is not known if Springbrook's cheerleaders will perform at the basketball games against Northwood High School on Wednesday.