Spending too much time on your smartphone associated with weight gain, study says

If you're trying to watch your weight, you may want to cut down on your phone usage.

New research suggests spending too much time on your phone could make you gain weight.

Researchers from Simon Bolivar University in Colombia looked at over 1,060 student for six months-- the group consisted of 700 women and 360 men. Studies found those who used their smartphone five or more hours a day increased their risk of obesity by 43 percent. 

Meanwhile, 26 percent of those who were already overweight and 4.6 percent of those who were already obese spent more than five hours a day on their smartphone.

The study also found that those who used their smartphone five or more hours a day were twice as likely to be less physically active, and more inclined to consume more sugary drinks, fast food, sweets and snacks.

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"The results of this study allow us to highlight one of the main causes of physical obesity, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease." Mirary Mantilla-Morrón, a staff member at the Health Sciences Faculty at the Simón Bolívar University, said, "We have also determined that the amount of time in which a person is exposed to the use of technologies—specifically prolonged cell phone use—is associated with the development of obesity."

More on the study could be found on the American Collge of Cardiology's website