Special invitation to the White House Easter Egg Roll for 11-year-old helping cancer research

MINNEAPOLIS - A young boy from Minnesota is White House bound.

11-year-old Graham Trocke-Fowler got a special invitation to the White House Easter Egg Roll.

It comes after his older brother told the president about Graham's efforts to raise money for children's cancer research.

The most amazing part, is Graham's efforts came as he battled cancer.

in an envelope sent to his home in Fridley, the young boy found a stack of signed pictures from the first family and a letter from the president.

"I was flipping out," Graham said.

Graham is making rubber band bracelets by the thousands in hopes of raising money for child cancer research.

Over the past year, he's collected some $34,000

Graham has a rare form of melanoma and has had fourteen surgeries.

As of right now he is cancer free.