Spanish judge rules 43-year-old man is son of Julio Iglesias

MADRID (AP) - A Spanish judge has ruled that there is sufficient evidence to determine that a 43-year-old Spanish man is the biological son of Julio Iglesias, despite the singer's refusal to submit to genetic testing.

The judge said Wednesday that the famous crooner's refusal to have a DNA test, along with other evidence, is enough to rule in favor of the paternity suit brought by Javier Sánchez. The judge's ruling says "there existed contacts and a relationship between the mother of (Sánchez and Iglesias) near the date of conception."

Sánchez says that his mother, María Edite, gave birth to him in 1975 exactly nine months after meeting Iglesias at a party.

Iglesias' lawyers say they will appeal the decision.

Any possible financial compensation for Sánchez would be determined at a separate trial.