'Southern Momma' scrutinized for trying to keep sons out of trouble

It was last year when Deborah Smith of Coweta County pronounced herself a fed up Southern Momma. She posted a video on YouTube of her destroying her two teenage sons' smartphones with a shotgun, blasting them not once, but twice and then smashing the remains with a giant sledge hammer. And it worked.

"They did straighten up for a few months and they got their phones back. Because at our house, if something is taken any from you, you can earn the right to get it back," Smith said.

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This month she said the boys started sneaking out at night to use and sell drugs, so she made another video. This time using a rifle to ignite an explosion that blew up their mattresses.

In that YouTube video she said: "Boys here's what's left your bed. Sorry, but they exploded."

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Now with two viral videos, the fed up Southern Momma says her two adopted sons were allegedly still using drugs, but now living in a group while the state decided whether, in their words, she is the one out of control. Her use of guns and social media was to gain her kids' attention. Now she hopes the international notoriety will get her sons the help with what she said was drug addiction.

"I want my boys to get treatment, so they can be the best that they can be," Smith said and added that one of them was an Eagle Scout. She told FOX 5 News that she will ask the Boy Scouts of America to strip him of that achievement if he continues to use and sell drugs.

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Her daughter Mckenzie Smith, who graduates from Newnan High School this year and wants to work with disabled children, defends her mother from her critics.

"She is not out of control and she is not crazy as some have called her. She loves us and wants the best for us, especially the boys who she wants to get help," Mckenzie said.

Smith said she was an expert with a firearm, but DFACS had asked her not to use guns in front of her children. She said he won't give up her first and second amendment rights.