SOUND OFF: Is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge the scariest in America?

If you get anxious just thinking about driving across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, you're not the only one.

The syndicated newsmagazine "Inside Edition" posted a story on its website featuring a woman named Carolyn Casey who was so afraid to go over the Bay Bridge, she hired someone to do it.

The story originally aired in 2013, but it's trending locally Friday because others seem to agree that the bridge is terrifying.

FOX 5's Tom Fitzgerald spoke with the owner of Kent Island Express, which drives nervous people over the bridge for $30 each way. The owner told us that his business is booming.

According to the Maryland Transportation Authority, the Bay Bridge reaches 186 feet at its highest point and stretches 4.35 miles long. About 25 million vehicles use the bridge annually.

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