Some coastal Georgia residents can't return yet

Residents who left coastal Georgia because of the mandatory evacuation put in place by Governor Nathan Deal have one question now that Irma has passed: When will they be allowed to return home?

That question is mostly coming from Glynn County residents. Right now, only medical personnel and cleanup crews have been allowed into the area to get roads, bridges, and public right of ways back to normal.

Crews have been making progress, even reopening up the St. Simons Island Bridge, but only to authorized traffic. The problem, according to officials, is the historic flooding in the area. That mix with the possibility of still live wires being down could present hazardous conditions.

"Right now, we don't feel like our community's safe. Our borders are secure right now. But I can promise you just as soon as we can produce that safe community, you're going to come back and you're going to come back to assets that will support the way you want your life to be then," said Chairman Bill Brunson, Glynn County Board of Commissioners.

FOX 5 News spotted several traffic lights dangling, power lines down, and trees still laying across the roadways. These are just some of the hazards crews are working around the clock to fix before allowing residents back.

Anyone who is not authorized to enter will likely run into the National Guard or law enforcement officers who are stations at several checkpoints including an exit along Interstate 95.

Officials on Tuesday would not give a timeline for residents to be able to return, but said they will make an announcement on their Facebook page, their website, and their Code Red system.

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