Snowplow driver clears path for man in wheelchair stuck in snow

A woman's Facebook post about a Wisconsin snowplow driver has gone viral.

"This makes me proud to say I am from Menasha," said Kari Campbell.

Campbell said she spotted a man in a wheelchair stuck in the snow when another man stopped his vehicle and helped him out.

"At that time I stopped and a plow truck from Menasha plowed in front of him," Campbell said. "He stopped, asked him where he lives, and plowed his way home."

Campbell said the plow driver not only cleared his path, but also made sure the handicapped man got up to his home and helped him with his wheelchair.

"Big shout out to Jim in plow truck #26," Campbell said.

Campbell shared a photo of the driver plowing the snow, with the wheelchair-bound man following behind him. Her post has more than 10,000 likes.