'Smart' diapers alert you when your baby is wet

Diapers have already become so advanced. Some have blue lines that indicate if they're wet. Now Pampers is introducing a new line of diapers called Lumi. You'll be able to get real-time alerts sent to your phone, wherever you are, updating you about your baby's sleep and if your baby's diaper is wet.

Pampers told us that a nearby video camera paired with an activity sensor in the diaper will do all the work. The goal is to help parents understand their child's unique patterns and habits, which can make it easier to set a feeding and sleep routine.

"Something like this we have no long-term studies, we have no idea what this could do," Dr. Cathy Ward of Big Apple Pediatrics said. "What are we potentially exposing their reproductive DNA to? It's right there in the diaper, next to their ovaries, next to the sperm. What are we doing to the reproductive DNA?"

Ward said she wants parents to do their research first before digging into their pockets.

The Lumi diaper line launches this fall in the U.S. and will only be sold online. The company said it already has a waiting list for the product and that pricing still hasn't been finalized.