Silver Spring woman's tires stolen twice outside her apartment

A Silver Spring woman is sharing her frustration with FOX 5 after thieves targeted her car twice in a matter of weeks, stealing all four of her tires twice.

Krishma Bashyal has lived at Claridge House in Silver Spring for the past year and said she’s never had a big issue until recently. 

On May 14, someone stole the four tires off her Toyota Corolla. 

She spent nearly $1,000 replacing them only to find someone stole them again overnight Thursday.

"I was in shock. I just didn’t know how to react. Once? Okay, I see where it’s coming from. But twice? Within the same month? That doesn’t make sense to me," she said.

Krishma Bashyal

Montgomery County police confirmed both reports to FOX 5, adding at least one other car at Claridge House was targeted overnight Thursday.

"Now there’s no way for me to buy groceries," Bashyal said. "There’s no way for me to get to work or anything at all. So, it does impact me significantly. Plus, I don’t have anyone to help me out during all of this. That makes things even more hard."

She’s far from alone when it comes to car parts thefts in the DMV.

Ibrahim Aburish, better known as "Beebo," has worked in the tow truck business since 2000. 


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Before 2020, Aburish said he might have towed two cars a year due to stolen tires.

"Now, I’m up to 240-250. Honestly, I just stopped counting. But I posted every single video, so people can go back and see the location of where they occurred," he said. "I’ve gone back to places that have been hit and gone back to the same location and picked up cars that have been hit multiple times."

Aburish started documenting what he witnessed on the job and posting videos on social media.

"From Laurel like you saw yesterday to Alexandria, Virginia. I did Woodbridge last week. They’re going anywhere around the Beltway," he said. "They have no fear of being caught. So, they go out and commit the crime and get away in about 45 seconds to a minute is how long it takes. They can hit three, four, five cars in a complex."

Bashyal said she plans to break her lease, as she no longer feels safe at the apartment complex.

"I hope you got enough money from my wheels," she said, referring to the person or people responsible. "I don’t know if it’s the same person or group but targeting someone’s car twice? Within a month? That’s not right, but I guess they had to do what they had to do."

FOX 5 reached out to the property group that manages Claridge House for comment Thursday regarding these concerns. We have not heard back.