Sex offender holds yard sale

WAKEFIELD, Mass. - When you come across a yard sale this summer you might want to find out who exactly you are buying from.

Concerned community residents in Massachusetts turned out at a foreclosed home's yard sale to let people know they were buying from a local sex offender.

The men's clothing, hats, and children's items were all for sale Monday at a home on Second Street in Wakefield. This home, however, was at the center of child sex abuse case that devastated the community.

Last year, Marian Burbine pleaded guilty to reckless child endangerment and running an unlicensed home daycare.

Investigators say it was at the daycare that her husband John Burbine sexually abused 13 infants and toddlers.

John Burbine was found hanging in his jail cell weeks before he was to stand trial in 2014.

Residents say the online posts advertising the yard sale were misleading.

Craigslist for Monday's sale said "Donations Go to the Family Who Lost the House," and neighbors say other posts frequently had wrong numerical addresses or street numbers which didn't exist.

At first the organizer, identified on Facebook as Evangeline Brown, called police.

About an hour later, Brown shut the sale down.