Secret Trump-themed bar on Capitol Hill turns quotes into cocktails

He might not be the most popular guy on Capitol Hill, but Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate with a bar in the neighborhood that's all about him.

In the basement of popular Capitol Hill bourbon bar Barrel, you'll find a space usually known as The Elixir Bar. It's used mostly for private events. But these days, it's all about Donald Trump-- just maybe not in the way you think.

Barrel has turned their basement into what's now being called the Trump Elixir Bar. The theme? Make cocktails great again. And it has everybody talking.

The room is secluded-- so much so that there's a sign pointing patrons downstairs to the not-so-secret entrance. But before you make it down the stairs, there's a warning-- about "locker room talk" ahead.

On the way to the bar, you'll pass a wall featuring "nasty women" and "bad hombres." By the way, Dora the Explorer made the "Bad Hombres" list, and Mother Teresa is labeled a "nasty woman."

But on the opposite wall, you'll find the "wall of idiots" -- and it's really packed. It features everyone from President Obama to Mexico to the state of New Jersey to George W. Bush to the media (and yes, even FOX News).

Trump cutouts mingle amongst the patrons (there's even one you can put your head in), and the drink menu is literally "yuge." That's in an effort, the management tells us, to make patrons feel like they have small hands.

And speaking of the drinks, you might not be surprised to learn that they're Trump-themed, but in this case, they're based off of notable Trump quotes. And by notable, they mean "really ignorant and super offensive." The ingredients in each are cleverly coordinated.

For instance, the "Part of the beauty of me is that I'm very rich" is a mint julip containing Barterhouse 20 year, mint, sugar and freedom. Oh, and it's $50.

General manager Mike Haigis told FOX 5 the drinks are named and designed to take the edge off of some infamous Trump quotes.

"The Billy Bush quote, the sexual assault quote-- we got the permission of Civic Vodka, the first female-owned distillery in DC, to use their vodka in it," Haigis said. "Because we figured if we are going to put this atrocious writing on paper, females should benefit from it."

The drink called "I beat China all the time" mixes pineapple, mint, lemon, sugar and Chinese five spice with Soju-- which is actually a Korean liquor. "We just figured Donald Trump wouldn't know the difference," Haigis said.

On Friday night, the quote written on a chalkboard in the bar read, "Barrel is doing SO poorly-- everybody knows it-- that they had to steal my quotes for their failing bar. Losers!" It's attributed to "Donald Trump, probably."

Instead of causing further division, though, Haigis says the pop-up Trump bar has actually brought people on both sides of the aisle closer together-- over a good laugh.

In case it's not obvious, everything in the Trump bar is satire. The silliness might be clear to many people without explanation, but Barrel management told the Washington City Paper this week that they've already gotten some hate mail from people who think it's in support of Trump.

The Trump Elixir Bar will be open Thursday through Saturday from now until November 8.

Barrel Bar is located at 613 Pennsylvania Avenue SE in Washington.