School votes to retire Redskins mascot

LANCASTER, New York - The "Redskins" are no more after a school district in western New York votes unanimously to change its mascot's name.

The vote to retire the Lancaster High School mascot comes after months of heated debate.

Supporters of the "Redskins" name repeatedly shouted at board members during a recent meeting, calling them "weak," and telling them to "let the community vote."

The debate reached its tipping point recently after three school districts canceled upcoming lacrosse games against Lancaster in protest of its mascot.

All three teams have Native American players and say they felt the "Redskins" name was offensive.

The school superintendent says the nickname has become a symbol of ethnic stereotyping and Lancaster is better than that.

The school board president says protesters who are upset have the right to review the board at election time. A new mascot has not yet been picked.