School bus drivers raising youth violence concerns in Prince George's County

School bus drivers in Prince George's County are raising their own concerns about safety as youth violence continues to rise.

Last week, union members for the District's bus system met with the school board demanding immediate action amid several reports of students using drugs and bringing guns onto buses.

Martin Diggs, the union's president, spoke with FOX 5, as reports of students smoking, drinking and having sex on buses grew.

"I really feel for a lot of our employees," Diggs said. "There's some serious concern."

"After driving for 20 years, many bus drivers have reported a lot of these incidents happening on the buses for years. And we feel as though that a lot of things that we’re saying, a lot of these problem, are actually falling on deaf ears," he continued.

"Are there things that are being done in order to try to make a change. Yes," Diggs said. "But many times we feel as thought they are after the fact, and they’re really not effective."