School bed bug, rodent issues prompt some to hold 'sick-out' as Chancellor continues investigation

Several people who say they are teachers at D.C.'s Savoy Elementary School have told FOX 5 that they will not report to school today following ongoing reports of problems with bed bugs and rodents inside of the building.

An emergency meeting about the reported infestation was held Thursday but provided few answers for outraged parents. Representatives from D.C. Public Schools, the Department of General Services, and The Department of Health were at the meeting to talk about the reported issues; however, parents say a clear solution on how to address the problem was not given.

FOX 5's Melanie Alnwick was at the school Friday morning and said that the 'sick-out' was not school-wide and that some teachers were seen going into the building. She also spoke with the Teacher's Union who told her they were not aware of how many teachers the 'sick-out' involved.

Many parents at Thursday's meeting told FOX 5 that they wanted the school closed until the problem was resolved. Many shared their fear of possibly contaminating their own homes with bed bugs brought back into the house with their children.

D.C. Schools Chancellor Antwan Wilson appeared on FOX 5 Friday and said he issues at Savoy Elementary are extremely import to him. "We want to make sure that the school is safe. That everyone is healthy. And, you know, I'm looking to get to the bottom of this," he said.

Wilson said work has been carried out to make sure that the school is properly cleaned. He said that more work is being scheduled to address all problems in the building.

He said he wasn't able to attend Thursday's meeting but it was important to him that the school system be in continuously communication with parents, students, and staff regarding the situation.

Wilson also said that moving students to different schools or to a different building while the infestation issues are addressed may be an option.